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About us

Olivia Murph

Founder of Melrose Melts. 

'I first started making wax melts back in 2018 when my sister bought me a starter kit for my birthday. I found the process so therapeutic and would make too many so I would give them away to friends and family to try. 
I never once thought I could turn it into a business until family and friends started telling me I should. Fast forward to May 2020 when I got let go from my job due to Covid-19 and I found myself with a lot more time to focus on turning my hobby into a business. 
I was very conscious of our packaging; keeping it as eco friendly as possible was very important to me. I opted for glassine bags for our melts as they are biodegradable. Our shipping bags are compostable and will break down in the compost bin within 6 months & we use recyclable materials to wrap your orders. 
I launched in October 2020 and completely outgrew our home in Swords by December and we had to renovate a workshop to cope with the demand. With the help of my mother Pam & boyfriend David; we hand make each item with the thought of our customers enjoying these aromas in their home. 
I never thought it would have grown this quick but I'm loving every second of it all & cannot wait to see where it takes us. 
We hope you love the melts as much as we love making them.' 
Olivia x 
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